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Medical Needs Teaching Service

Community Teaching

Community Teaching from the Medical Needs Teaching Service provides individualised teaching in the community settings for the duration of a young person’s medical need.

Whether at home (in person or online), school or in a suitable community venue, teaching and learning in the community usually follows the curriculum of core subjects in the young person’s mainstream school. Liaison between MNTS and the mainstream school takes place prior to teaching and on-going communication between the settings aims to ensure that our community taught curriculum is as similar as possible to the work being covered in the young person’s school. We encourage schools to offer additional support with the broader curriculum, as appropriate to each individual student’s needs.

Following an Initial Planning Meeting, a visit, or phone contact, the appropriate community pathway support is identified and a weekly timetable is drawn up and sent out by email or post. The timetable has limited flexibility but we do accommodate regular medical appointments and closely work with medical professionals, families and schools.

During the time that a young person is supported by the MNTS community team, they would have a Case Manager, who is a key point of contact and has an overview of the specific educational provision for each student.  The service is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all children and young people and working with schools and other agencies to maximise outcomes.

Each young person has a Personalised Education Plan detailing curriculum offer and progress made and this is a key document for communicating between MNTS community teachers, home school teachers, families and other agencies that are supporting the young person.