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Medical Needs Teaching Service


GCSE Exams - May 2024

Over the next few weeks Year 11s at QEC, Leeds Children's Hospital and Red Kite View will be sitting GCSE exams.
We know exams can be a challenging time, there is advice on revision and managing exam stress on websites below. 
Remember to think positive, stay calm and always try your best. 
The MNTS team wish all our students lots of luck. 

Fundraiser at LCH - May 2024

Check out how busy our Primary pupils have been! They worked very hard to write stories that are great to read, had them printed at the fantastic Leeds University Print and Copy Bureau and sold them to family and friends to raise money to buy new games for the ward. They raised an amazing £165!  A huge thank you to the Play Team who did the shopping for us and promoted the sale of the books. A brilliant team effort- and now everyone gets to have fun with the games!


Arts Award achievement - May 2024

Over the course of their admission at Red Kite View, one of the young people worked towards gaining their Bronze Arts Award, and their portfolio was submitted earlier this month.

We are really proud of Hannah's hard work, her amazing creativity and for persevering with the knitting machine!!

Hannah, we wish you lots of luck for when you start college this September to study Art & Design.

British Science Week - March 2024

The team at Leeds Children's Hospital celebrated the theme of 'time' during British Science Week. Children created a variety of different ways to build timers; using sand, water and even marble runs!

Watch the video below to see how their inventions fared.



International Women's Day 2024

8th March is International Women's Day and marks the start of British Science Week.

Over the next week MNTS will be incorporating the theme of 'time' in to our lessons.

World Book Day 2024

Happy World Book Day from all at MNTS! As Mary Poppins herself might say it's been "practically perfect in every way"!

Staff at Red Kite View celebrated the day by shared their favourite books, while staff at Queenswood and Leeds Children's Hospital dressed up for the occasion.

Magical Lessons at LCH - February 2024

At Leeds Children's Hospital, Elena has been taking inspiration from Harry Potter to complete English and Science activities, earning her Wizarding Pawprints badge with her wonderful work.

Safer Internet Day - February 2024

Tuesday 6th February was Safer Internet Day.

At Red Kite View we promoted ways to keep safe online, exploring our digital footprint and how we can navigate the internet responsibly and safely.

Here are some useful websites to help keep you safe online:

Mock Exams - January 2024

29th January marks the start of the Year 11 Queenswood students sitting their mock exams. Breakfast is provided for them each morning to make sure they are in the best position to do well.

Good luck everyone!

Human & Civil Rights - January 2024

This January Red Kite View have been highlighting the importance of Human Rights, the rights we have simply because we exist as human beings. They are inherent to us all, regardless of nationality, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. They include the right to food, education, work, health, and liberty.

The month has commemorated Martin Luther King Day, International Day of Education and Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Red Kite View books of the month have explored worlds where human rights have been discarded, where humans have been discriminated against and where people have fought to protect their rights and the rights of others.

Christmas Around the World - December 2023

This month we have been counting down to Christmas by exploring how Christmas is celebrated around the world, from Ukrainian traditions of decorating Christmas tress with spiders webs to the Icelandic tradition of giving books to be read in front of the fire and drinking hot chocolate.

From everyone at MNTS, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


¡Feliz Navidad! 

Joyeux Noël   

诞节! (Shèngdàn jié kuàilè!)

Веселого Різдва (Veseloho Rizdva) 

کرسمس مبارک(Christmas Mubarak)

Wesolych Swiat (weh-sohl-ih shveeaht)

Storyteller at Leeds Children's Hospital - December 2023

The Learning Zone at Leeds Children's Hospital was delighted to host 'Northern Dreaming', a storytelling performance provided by 'Leeds 2023 Year of Culture'.

Many thanks to Kathleen Yore (Odd Doll Theatre) for her lively and engaging performance on 4th December. Children from several wards attended to watch, join in and add some sparkling ideas to the stories.

Anti-Bullying Week - November 2023

This week (13.11.23 - 17.11.23) has been Anti-Bullying Week.

Red Kite View have created an eye catching display and Book of the Month was focused on resilience and overcoming challenges.

Mosaic at Red Kite View - November 2023

The education team were very excited to finally see their mosaic in pride of place in the garden at Red Kite View this week.

This has been a huge project where education staff have collaborated with inpatients over a number of months, and has involved the creative efforts of several young people.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved!

Leeds Children's Hospital Award to MNTS - November 2023

The teachers at Leeds Children's Hospital school are delighted to receive this award, which recognises instances when people have gone above and beyond to support colleagues.

We hosted about 30 babies in our classroom when they had to evacuate the nearby maternity ward. The nurses and play team supported the newborns and their families as we did our best to make everyone welcome.

Thank you @leeds_childrens for this award!

Space Week - October 2023

During Space Week (4th October - 10th October) our Primary pupils at Leeds Children's Hospital rocketed off into space... Learning about planets, constellations, astronaut outfits, alien adventure stories and how rockets work. We had a blast!

Black History Month - October 2023

This October the MNTS are celebrating Black History Month across all sites.

At Red Kite View, our Books of the Month are inspired by this year's theme of "Celebrating our Sisters".