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Medical Needs Teaching Service

Queenswood Education Centre 

Queenswood Education Centre (QEC) is the teaching base for young people who cannot currently access their home school because of their medical need. It is also the administrative hub for the Medical Needs Teaching Service (MNTS).

The staff team at QEC includes core subject teachers (English, Maths and Science) and the support staff.

Young people are accepted for support from our service for an assessment period of 4 to 6 weeks – this is not solely about academic assessment - it is checking if the young person is education ready and willing to attend sessions and engage with teaching and learning. Prior to the assessment period, liaison with the home school, health colleagues and parents/carers is conducted and followed by the Initial Planning Meeting where the key information about MNTS support is shared and the initial assessment period planned.

The progress is reviewed and the next stage is identified in the first review meeting where the young person is allocated an educational pathway at QEC, which is tailored towards their needs.

Each young person has a Personalised Education Plan (PEP) where the curriculum offer, progress made and next steps are regularly recorded. The PEP is then shared in a termly review meeting with parents, school and other professionals.

At QEC, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where our pupils feel comfortable enough to learn and make progress during the time that they are too unwell to go to their home school. We know from experience that this forms the basis of being successful in a young person’s next steps whether that is a school, College, an Apprenticeship or 6th Form.



Community Teaching from the Medical Needs Teaching Service provides individualised teaching of the core subjects (for the young people who due to their medical needs are unable to access their learning at their home school or at QEC) for the duration of a young person’s medical need.

Whether at home, school or in a suitable community venue, teaching and learning in the community usually follows the curriculum of core subjects in the young person’s mainstream school. Liaison between MNTS and the mainstream school takes place prior to teaching and on-going communication between the settings aims to ensure that our community taught curriculum is as similar as possible to the work being covered in the young person’s school in order to support young person’s reintegration back to their home school.

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